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Privacy, Terms & Conditions Information

Terms, Conditions and Technical Information

The following should hopefully provide all of the information you need about Statistics 24 in an easy-to-understand format. Ensure you read it fully before you start using it.

By installing the Chrome (or other browser) extension or by using this website you are agreeing to everything below, including but not limited to how Statistics 24 works, what information it captures and what data we store.

Statistics 24

How It Works

The primary purpose of Statistics 24 is to provide statistics and information about Google Workspace/Google Apps usage. In order to do this our Chrome extension must be installed on the users web browser to communicate with our server(s).

When the user accesses any work related Google App such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Classroom etc. then the plugin will recognise this activity and send usage time information to the server.

The Chrome web browser extension is written to be efficient with as little overhead as possible. This means it has a very small download size, uses very little memory and should not use up unnecessary bandwidth or cause excessive internet connections. It uses a standard web port for communication so there is no configuration necessary regarding firewalls or antivirus software. All data is transmitted over a secure, 256 bit encrypted HTTPS connection which passes SSL security tests with grade A status.

It should not have any noticeable impact on browser speed and will wait before processing data if your web browser is busy working on something else.

SSL security test results

Statistics 24 relies on technology and services provided by Google, including their authentication system, Google Workspace products and the Chrome browser. Changes to these services outside of our control may impact how Statistics 24 works, but our aim is to update S24 as quickly as possible and for as long as possible to keep it's functionality.

Emails via the "Safeguarding" feature are transmitted between the Statistics 24 server and the recipient organisation using the encrypted TLS protocol (as long as the recipient's email system supports it, such as GMail). This ensures that no third party can overhear or tamper with any messages as they travel from the sending server to the recipient server. More details about TLS encryption is available from Google here:

What data is, and is not, stored?

Rest assured, only the bare essential information is audited by the browser extension. It is only interested when the user accesses Google Apps for doing work. All other browsing activity is totally ignored and not transmitted to our server(s) or stored in any way by us.

In order to keep your usage private, your individual Google login ID is stored alongside your usage information. This includes the URL's of the Google Apps used and the titles of those pages so we can provide you and your organisation with app usage information. Everything we collect is essential to provide the service that we offer and purely for statistical analysis.

We use Google's authentication system to identify you and you will be asked for permission on your first usage. If the browser extension is automatically pushed out to you by your organisaiton, they can give permission on your behalf via the Google Admin Console. We DO NOT ask for or store any Google passwords ourselves - this is all done by Google so we never need to know it. You should familiarise yourself with their privacy policies if you are unsure of what information they collect and store. Your unique ID and email address from Google is stored, purely to uniquely identify you. The information is not used to contact you or share with anyone outside of Statistics 24 and the organisation which issued you your Google login. We DO NOT store your name or any other personal information about you unless you are given an account on Statistics 24 with elevated privileges for your organisation (such as an organisation reporter or administrator).

In addition to this small amount of information collected from Statistics 24 users, we also log access to our website (just like all web servers do) in order to monitor usage, server load, help diagnose any issues and to monitor security.

If the "Safeguarding" feature is enabled and a user fills in the form, Statistics 24 DOES NOT store any information submitted from users. As soon as a report comes in, the details are automatically packaged up into an email and sent to the relevant address at the users organisation - usually a safeguarding representative. As with any email communication, we cannot guarantee 100% delivery. Our email system will try 22 times to deliver messages over 48 hours in the event of a problem before giving up. This can happen for a number of reasons outside of our control, for example the recipients email server could be particularly busy, they may have a full mailbox, anti-spam filters may detect a false positive, or there may be a fault in their internet connection.

Time Limits on Data

In order to clean up data which is no longer needed, speed up reporting and save storage space, we remove data under the following circumstances:

Using Statistics 24 and the Reports

The contents of the Chrome browser extension, this website, the reporting system and everything related to Statistics 24 is protected by copyright laws. Organisations and their users subscribed to Statistics 24 may use the reports and exported data concerning their organisation in any way they like for the period of time they are subscribed.

Using or attempting to access data which you do not have permission to access is not allowed and may be deemed illegal.

The accuracy of the data is important but cannot be 100% guaranteed. As with all online or cloud based systems, connection dropouts can occur which can result in the loss of small amounts of data until the connection is restored. We will do our best to ensure the server side stays connected and online but occasional maintenance, unexpected down-time or software errors can occur. We will not be held responsible or liable in any way for loss of service or data accuracy due to these or any other issues.

Information displayed by the Statistics 24 reports, including time spent, should be viewed as an approximation. Numbers are often rounded or truncated to the nearest minute and such data should be used for guidance only.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and will do everything we can to keep the stored information private and secure. If you are part of a subscribed organisation, certain representatives of that organisation may be given access to your Google Apps usage information in order to generate reports.

In addition to our own terms and conditions, we are also bound by the laws of England. We comply with all current legislation related to data protection and privacy, including the GDPR and US privacy laws, and are committed to protecting any personal data which might be collected. We do not sell, rent or give away any contact information to any third parties.

Our terms and conditions will be updated from time to time and displayed on this page. You should check this page periodically to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

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We use Google Analytics to help us monitor usage of this website, the server load, help diagnose any issues and to monitor security. This involves setting some cookies that are looked after by Google. None of the cookies contain personal information. We do NOT use Google Analytics on the "safeguarding" concern reporting form.

For more information on cookies in general and how to control them in your web browser, see:

For Google's Privacy Policy in regard to Google Analytics and the cookies it sets, see:

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